5 Tips to Create Your Own Audience on Pinterest

5 Tips to Create Your Own Audience on Pinterest


As a creator, you've learned how to check your number of followers. Perhaps even obsessively. However, the metrics do not show the whole picture: the quality of the followers is also important.

On Pinterest, you will get more than passive followers. People are looking for authentic connections with creators they trust. Therefore, they hope to discover creators who share their passions: that's where you come in.

Here, you will be able to create an active community that values ​​and interacts with your content. But how do you do it? Follow these five tips to build your audience on Pinterest.

1. Create new content every week

The more content you create, the more likely you are to be discovered. Create Idea Pins every week to engage with your current audience and maximize your chances of reaching new people.

2. Develop your strategy based on trends

Stay up to date with the latest Pinterest trends to create content that is of interest to many users. We continually share trends and data from Pinterest on our official channels and in our creator newsletter. You can also perform topical searches on Pinterest to see what's popular, or search for a specific topic of interest and see what suggested keywords show up.

3. Add text overlay to your Pins

The text overlay on your Idea Pins affects how they display in Pinterest search. It's like SEO on Pinterest: if you select the right keywords, you will reach more people.


4. Add topic tags before posting

With Idea Pins and Video Pins, you can tag your content with relevant topics before posting. Always do it! Tagging various topics related to your content allows your idea to reach people interested in your creations.

5. Fill in all the details of your board

Boards allow you to save your Idea Pins after you create them. You can organize them however you like; just make sure you fill in the information fields. Board names, descriptions, and categories influence how your content shows up in Pinterest search results. Use clear and descriptive language to improve your search performance.

Building relationships with your audience is an ongoing process. Show your authentic and approachable side, and in return, they will show you their appreciation. In addition, Pinterest gives you the opportunity to reach more users than on other platforms. Because here, the content always remains visible; does not go away after 24 hours. Because people find content based on their interests, not through a chronological feed, people will continue to discover your Idea Pins months after they're posted.

For more best practices, be sure to sign up for our creator newsletter and visit our creator page . Now, let's get to work! Create an Idea Pin and put these suggestions into practice.

-Queen City Media