6 Brand Awareness Methods

Brand Awareness

In order to generate demand, people have to know who you are. The first step is to develop brand awareness, the extent to which contacts and customers are able to recollect and recognize your brand.

Brand Awareness Methods

  • Building brand identity: Your brand is effectively the sum total of all your customer touchpoints, and as such, it helps your business differentiate itself from competitors. Building your brand identity in order to drive affinity and recognition across your audience is vital to facilitate the recollection of your company and offering.
  • Properly identifying buyer personas: In order to facilitate recall, you need to first know who the people are you’re trying to reach. Without properly identifying and outlining your buyer personas, you won’t be able to reach your potential customers where they are, making this stage of the process vital to your success.
  • Establishing thought leadership: Maintaining thought leadership will help to position you as an authority in your space. When people think about your industry or the problem you solve, they are more apt to think of you if you’ve established thought leadership.
  • Leveraging a strong social media presence: In the same vein as thought leadership, maintaining a strong social media presence is integral to brand recall. Leveraging social media is one of the easiest ways to communicate your brand. Individuals begin to associate what you post about with your brand. It also allows you to showcase your company culture and ideals in a succinct and authentic way. 
  • Maintaining public relations management:Maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship between the public and your organization is vital to developing good brand awareness. 
  • Creating a go-to-market strategy: Your go-to-market strategy can be thought of as a hypothesis, with demand generation being a first experiment. Ultimately, you don’t know exactly what your market will demand from your offering or how quickly people will adopt your brand, but you can use your initial understanding and research on potential customers to get started. From there, you can use your demand generation efforts to inform your brand and product strategy moving forward — better aligning your brand and offering with buyer needs and positioning them for enhanced recall in the future.

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